The Deer Lead The Way

At sundown I wander to Hawthorn, who I might say is my first tree teacher. Wind and rain have scattered some of her “clothes” upon the ground–lichen of all sorts. I must gather Usnea tomorrow and make some medicine!

I wander the edge of the field, following animal trails that branch off with unexpected frequency into small tunnels in the shrubs. One tunnel slashes through a hedge, and I find a pile of deer droppings (ah, the sign of the Deer 🙂 ).

So, the deer can pass through this hedge! That means I can easily do so too — or: more easily than I can flounder and crawl through a raccoon trail. I push back some vigorous Holly, and enter the edge.

In a few yards it opens to a neighbor’s yard, but I stay within the hedge. This space is its own world! I discover a pair of trees that my eyes had passed over in the “outer world” — twin Cypresses, shrouded in Holly.

This may be a lovely space to get to know Holly. I am currently journeying with the trees and plants of the Celtic Tree Ogham. I will write more regarding that journey in future posts.

Do you have a secret hideaway in a hedge or in the shrubs? Look around your yard, or in your neighborhood. Better yet, settle into a place of quiet, open heart. Ask the plants, the green spirit, or even the deer if they would be willing to help you find it. I’m certain there is a secret space amidst the plant world waiting just for you. Likely, even more than one!

When you find it, or if you have one already, please tell us about it here!

Deer and Green Man – photo by Jane Valencia.    Jewelry by ????

What Happens When We Discover That We Belong To Mother Earth?

… Peace results!

… And joy, and an awakening to who we truly are, what we truly love in life. And healthy connection with others, with ourselves, with the birds and animals and plants around us. We discover that we are part of a lively conversation that includes something much larger than ourselves, yet is also profoundly intimate.

As human beings we are designed to experience life and to learn in astonishing ways, and to make beautiful intricate connections (in our thoughts, emotions, spirit) when we pattern to nature. It’s so worth the time and inclination to just sit outside and drink the world in!

Here is a simple way to begin your journey into belonging: Just go to a sweet spot outside. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it shouldn’t be more than a series of steps or no more than a couple of minutes out your front or back door. It should be a place in which you feel comfortable, and which you can pause at any time of day or night, if you chose.

Just go there and sit and be. Open your all your senses, perhaps express some gratitude, but just simply go there and be.

Try it one day (or night).

Then head out there again the next day.

And maybe the next too ….

What happens, what do you notice, or how do you feel as you settle into this one little spot — on your balcony, or in your backyard, or in the little wild area down the block? Wherever you find it?

Your sit spot may whisper to you, or it may just offer you rest and replenishment.

Go there, just once. Then come back here and tell me about it, just a detail or two. Or more if you like. I’d love to hear your tale — about you and this little place ….

Unexpected Answers To Mysteries Of The Heart

Each morning I pass time at what I call my “Sit Spot” — a special place in nature (in my case, in my backyard) where I absorb the more-than-human world around me, open myself to these other companions, and attempt to simply be (easier said than done!). For months I’ve watched the changing of the plants, the dropping of fruit and leaves, the bareness, then growth of the new, the continual ebb and flow of life that does not depend on humans but continues alongside, despite us.

Back in February or so I first became aware of the liquid song of a bird in the neighborhood. The song went straight to my heart, and I yearned to discover just who this bird was. It sang each morning from the top of a very tall birch a few yards away, and the song changed, sometimes several times within a few minutes.

I tried to spot this bird, and what I glimpsed revealed a bird that was small. A sparrow? And yet, when I pulled out field guides I couldn’t definitively to myself identify the bird.

Which bird loved to be in the treetops, or on phone wires — high up? Which bird appeared to be shy — for whenever I heard this bird, or other birds like it in the neighborhood and turned my attention on them, trying to “figure them out” — the bird would invariably fly away. Truly. My very attention and focus on the bird seemed to disturb it so much that it fled.

I realized quickly that this golden-song bird, this Mystery bird embodied some important teachings and lessons for me, was in some way a mirror to my spirit, to something I would in time come to understand. Maybe. In the meantime I perused a bird book for this area, trying to narrow down just who this bird might be, listened to bird songs on the internet — and dashed outside whenever I heard the bird, wandered the neighborhood with my neck craned, struggling to spot the small bird high in the trees despite the leafing of the branches. And I despaired of ever figuring out who this little bird is.

In time I gave up listening for the bird. I didn’t really hear it anymore — certainly not at my Sit Spot time. Maybe it had moved on, migrated with the spring. Sometimes I thought I heard this bird — but the song seemed different. I know longer recognized the patterns, though the changing, liquid quality seemed similar to what had originally captured my attention.

I spotted the bird at times that I thought might be it — yes, sparrow or wren size, with a narrow tail, a pale throat, a thin beak. But the birds I listened to in the audios were not what this bird sounded like. This bird was not a vireo, for example.

In my own heart I’ve been journeying for quite sometime, moving to a renewed understand and embodying of who I am in this world, this life. I’ve come to an end of a couple of ’story arc’s, the most recent being that of our time in the West, which I understand in an energetic and metaphoric sense as well as geographically. I mark that as the New Moon my family had moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from NE Oregon. As of Sunday, we’d been here a year and a day — a length of time that is of significance in Celtic traditions. For example, many agreements were trialed for a year-and-a-day before making a final commitment to it. Hand-fasting, where a couple might live together for a year-and-a-day before committing to marriage is one such example.

And so, when I stepped outside on Monday, I felt I was stepping into someplace new in myself, some new understanding, some new cycle of Mystery and being. And as I stepped outside I suddenly became aware of a bird singing close by. My golden-song Mystery! I spotted a bird in the lowest branches of our incense-cedar — clearly to me, a wren of some sort — a winter wren? Though the tail didn’t tip up quite as much. Still, clearly the tipping up tail of a wren.

As soon this detail registered the bird darted across the yard, and I heard the golden-song from a different place, from the direction that bird had flown, though it seemed to my ears that the song came further out. Still, I crossed the yard, spotted the bird, listened to the song and knew that this was the bird that had been singing all this time.

This morning I took the time to peruse my guidebook. Yes, a Bewick’s Wren. The book even said plainly that a particular bird sings several songs, and that the songs vary from bird to bird. I got on the internet, listened to some audio clips of Bewick’s Wren, read some more about how the songs are different but there’s a certain quality that you can recognize. Bewick’s Wren.

Why hadn’t I considered wrens in my obsession with discovering the name of this bird? Why hadn’t I considered Bewick’s Wren for more than half a second? For one reason, when I’d glimpsed the bird on the phone wire or high in the trees, I’d been at such an angle beneath it that I hadn’t noticed the tipping up of the tail — or at least not for more than a moment. The tail appeared to be tipping down. For another, when I read the description of where the bird liked to hang it, it mentioned that it favored shrubs. It said how common these birds were (when in my experience they seemed so few and so shy!).

I had suspected that following — and releasing — the Mystery of this little beautifully-singing bird would reveal something I would do well to pay attention to in my own heart. And again I resonate to these truths that knowledge is available but in the end we must let go of what we think we know, let go of “trying to figure it all out”, let go and be. Then the little bird will fly right in your yard at just the right time that you can see exactly its nature — oh, a wren of some sort — but even that is not so very important to the fact that here is a being — a little bird — who is a companion in my journey, whose flight and song have interwoven with mine.

My life is more beautiful and song-filled and harmonious because I have chased the Mystery embodied in this little bird, a path that involved hammering the question with my mind, and surrender, and — when I reached a reordered/ released sense of self — finally unexpected discovery.

As I start this new day I’m so very aware of the directives my strategic mind injects into each day, each moment, and — I have an expansive sense of what might be possible if I flip-flopped this with just being present, in love with what is right before me, open to discovery. Strategic thinking (the ego) is necessary for us to live out the visions woven in our heart, the story/dream/song that our soul yearns to live in the world, but in this moment I suspect that the directive threads can really be as light and open and subtle — and effective — as a spider’s web spun between branches.

At least, that is the experiment, the wondering in which I set forth into this day. The magic that is opening between my hands.

Tell me, dear reader. What mystery do you chase? And where in the natural world is it mirrored back to you? What is the golden-song that is “out there” that you actually have resounding in every cell of your being. We may feel that we are small birds of no consequence in this huge, many-forces life, but in the language of the soul birds have always been messengers of the heart, always the ones who communicate from beyond the visible world.

What message, song, expression do you bring forth right now? Sing it here if you wish!

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