Go To Girlwood And Discover The Color Of Your Aura

Note from Jane: I was just going through some unfinished posts, and thought this one was timely since it fits my current fiction writing theme. Enjoy!


I’m captivated by a young adult novel right now that is about a family’s struggle with the sudden disappearance of the older daughter. The main character is the younger sister, Polly, who is determined to believe in magic, and the best of things, and who can see auras. If you read the novel, you’ll see why I enjoy it so much, and maybe why you might enjoy it too — whether you are a teen girl or not (which I am definitely not 🙂 !). For one thing, each chapter starts with a mini-profile of an herb and its uses. For another, the girls’ grandmother, Baba, is the “village healer” of sorts — midwife, herbalist, activist — who does things her own way despite being hated by her suburban community.

Anyway, I’m as intrigued by the writer, Claire Dean, as much as by the book. I’m especially intrigued by this comment on the home page of her website:

“If I had to pick one piece of wisdom to pass on, it would be this: Only joy works. After years of writing adult novels that never made me or anyone else very happy, I finally kept a promise to my daughter to write a hopeful, magical story for her.”

Since I was a teen myself I yearned to write fantasy novels for children or teens, because I felt adult novels were too dreary. That the protagonists were always burdened by their trials and traumas, always too jaded for me, and so hope and delight just wasn’t to be found in adult fiction — not like you find in children’s fiction (though I’d say that hope is less prevalent in YA fiction these days). Thus I write for children and young adults — though I do dream of writing “magical nature” fiction for adults that somehow captures that hopeful, enchanted quality, a kind of innocence while still making a rich story for an older audience.

Okay, when you visit Claire Dean’s website, be sure to take the What Color Is Your Aura quiz. I imagine you will be surprised and delighted. Go there first, take the quiz, then read my results below (if you’d like).

My Aura, according to the quiz:

What Color Is Your Aura?
Your Result: Blue

You are quiet, cool, and calm. You love your solitude and have no trouble standing alone. Blues are sensitive, truthful, spiritual, and intuitive–they often show signs of clairvoyance and ESP. They are the professors, detectives, and spiritual mediums of the world.

“Quiet, cool, and calm”? Interestingly that’s how several people around me lately have perceived me (when I’m at my best and life and soul are humming). Many times, I’m in a more ‘heated’ state — restless, jumbling with thoughts and ideas, never settling. But that’s not a state that I enjoy or for which I strive!

Anyway, this little quiz gives me yet another glimpse on something I’d like to embody — or welcome into my being more often than not.

What color is your aura?