My Comic Art For Plant Healer Magazine

Plant Healer: A Journal of Traditional Herbalism is an amazing quarterly e-journal devoted to the practice, culture, and art of folk herbalism. Each issue is 150+ pages of gorgeous photographs, art, and insightful, knowledgeable, intelligent, and radical articles on a wide variety of topics related to traditional Western herbalism by numerous contributors–many of them well-known herbalists in the field. If you are passionate about herbs, do give this journal a look!

I contribute a kids herbal comic called Paloma And Wings. Here is an excerpt of the one published in the second issue of Plant Healer Magazine.

Paloma And Wings Meet California Bay Tree

I’ve just launched into painting my newest Paloma And Wings (this is the third). Just thought I’d share a peek of it. Enjoy!

Paloma And Wings - pencil detail

Paloma And Wings ~ just starting in on the watercolor