Just What Is “A Field Of Grace”, Plus A Healing Grace Practice

Just a  reminder that my energy healing workshop, A FIELD OF GRACE: Pathways To Hands-On Healing, is fast approaching.  This all-day workshop takes place in Lacey, WA (near Olympia) on Saturday, Sept. 24 from 9am-3pm at The Priory Spirituality Center.  For full details click here.

Just What Do I Mean By “A Field Of Grace”?

A FIELD OF GRACE introduces the concept that our subtle energy field or aura is actually our own personal infusion of divine grace. With prayer,
intention, and techniques that enhance our own innate energy healing abilities, we can serve as conduits for a healing grace.  We can offer a laying on of hands that channels a healing grace that can help another to tune into a balance and harmony of self and of creation.  Results experienced can be:

  • reduced pain and anxiety
  • accelerated healing
  • a deep sense of peace
  • clarity of mind
  • insights
  • deepened connection with the Soul’s voice and with the Divine
  • and more

To offer a compassionate touch is a natural human expression.  To offer a laying on of hands — hands that channel a healing energy — is innate
to our humanity.  People have offered hands-on healing in every culture, in every time of human history.  Likely you yourself — knowingly or unknowingly — have offered a healing grace at one time or another to someone else!

Please join me in connecting more intimately with your own “field of grace” — the unique music that is you as a human being, as a citizen of the earth, and an expression of the universe.  As you tune into your own grace, we will open to the infinite grace that is woven in the world around us, and beyond.  Connecting with grace and a healing grace is a prayer, an experience of the sweet and generous miracle and mystery that illuminates our lives and all of reality.  When we serve as conduits for a healing grace we help others — and ourselves — to remember the harmony of which we are at one.  Our bodies, minds, spirits, and souls touch in once again to our own internal harmony and to the larger harmony of all that is — the rightness of who we are.  This is where true healing and restored wholeness begins!

Offering A Healing Grace To Whomever And Wherever Needs It Most

  1. Step outside, and soak in some aspect of the natural world — the air around you, the sun’s warmth on your skin, the clouds, a tree, birdsong … Just notice the beauty and generosity of the natural world.  Even if you are in an urban area, where plants may be far between, note that the magic of nature surrounds you — is here, no matter where you are (even in a building!).
  2. Breathe in, slowly, deeply.  Nature just expresses itself.  A generosity and mystery of giving and receiving, creation and destruction engages with in every layer of nature — from the cosmic, to planetary, to the shifting of the weather, to the life forms and minerals, to microcosmic.  We as human beings are interwoven with this nature.
  3. As you breathe in and out, experience the nature’s grace as intermingled with your own breath, your own being.  Experience yourself as an essential part of the weave.  Experience your very cells as intermingled with this larger, more expansive grace that is nature and creation.
  4. Now, from this place, engage in prayer.  Start by being thankful — for your life, for the world around you — whatever moves through in the moment.
  5. In time, place your hands over your heart.  Take a few breaths, and turn yourself to this prayer:  “Dear God [or however you are comfortable in addressing the Divine or Mystery], May I serve as a channel for your healing grace.  May healing grace flow through me for the greatest healing and the highest good.”
  6. Open your arms, let your hands fall open.  Trust that healing grace is moving through you to wherever it will serve the greatest healing and the highest good.  Experience the moment as fully as you can.  Notice anything that comes up for you, or anything in the landscape that happens, or just the feelings within you.  You may feel heat or tingling in your hands, or nothing — there is no right or wrong experience.  Just trust that healing grace is moving through you to wherever it will.
  7. When you feel complete, or as if the moment has ended, place your hands on your heart.  Breathe.  Then sweep the air before you from head down to torso in whatever way feels comfortable.  This can be a brief motion or a “dance of the hands” — just whatever feels rightto disperse and clear this intentional connection.
  8. Placing your hands back on your heart, thank the Divine for this time, for allowing you to serve as a channel for a healing grace.  End the prayer with a word of closing that is meaningful to you (“Amen”, or a word or phrase of that nature).  I like to place my hands on the ground at this point — just ending the session, grounding myself, and honoring my connection with Mother Earth.
  9. Stay quiet for a time, if you can.  Drink some water. Reflect on your experience, perhaps write about it in your journal.
  10. Throughout the day, and beyond note any synchronicities, insights, or magical moments you have.  The world is a wondrous place!

I invite you to post your experiences and reflections here!

I hope to see you at the workshop!  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

A Field Of Grace!