When Earth and Fire Surge – a Declaration

My walk with the Deer often reflects in practices that one might perceive as “invisible.” That said, the Deer as a four-legged creature engaged intimately with the land and Mother Earth, this way of being I aim to follow is grounded too in earth and fire. As words are part of what I express in life, I penned the following declaration. What do you declare is your practice? Do you lean in to a tradition, spirituality, way of being as a means of support?

Deer Medicine is a practice that weaves one’s unique expression as a sacred human in one’s life, place, and time with deep relationship with Nature, the Earth, and one another. We engage with the earth-based wisdom ways our ancestors all knew, and grow a sense of ourselves as being humbly and creatively of service to our families and communities — human and more-than-human, ancestral, and sacred. We recognize all aspects of our world as “life,” all beings as living, and all of us on this earth island home as deserving of respect, justice, welcome, and self-expression.

We work to honor and restore right relationship, balance, and well-being, whether in bodymind and spiritual health, healthy community, work with land, and other expressions of wholeness, vitality, and interrelationship. We have an understanding that humans have at their heart, a loving, giving nature that combined with curiosity, intellect, creative vision, and peaceful mind can create positive change on personal to global levels for all beings. We understand ourselves as ceremonialists offering our work to help with ancestral healing and to nourish the future generations.

We recognize that our human family and our relationship with the earth and with each other is in serious need rebalancing, renewal, and restoration. We strive to discern what is ours to do, and to nourish and find ways to ally in areas that we can’t. Individually we cannot save the world. We trust that choosing our focus(es) for healing and change, and weaving with others’ efforts will nurture our true “worldwide web” which is our life right now on this earth nested in a particular pocket of space and time that is the universe and more.