Programs and Mentorships

WNW-LogoWomen’s Nature Ways

How would you feel if you had simple, sustainable practices for connecting with your most authentic nature? What would your life be like if you had a trusting relationship with your body’s innate wisdom, with the energy of the plants, with the natural world? Who would you be if you had the support to nourish your deepest self?

Jane Valencia and Somatic therapist and educator, Stacey Hinden,  are offering a unique opportunity for women: a year-long transformational program consisting of quarterly retreats focused on exploring body wisdom, plant spirit healing ways, and our connection with Mother Earth and each other.

Find out more about this offering here.

Deer Medicine Healing Ways Mentorships

Jane teaches Deer Medicine Healing Ways, which include training in:

  • Reiki-Seichim: Levels 1 and 2, and if you wish: Master and Teacher levels
  • Plant spirit medicine ways
  • Medicine singing and sound healing

… with in person and distance-learning opportunities. (Note: Reiki attunements must be conducted in person with Jane)

Detailed information is forthcoming. Feel free to contact Jane regarding any of these topics. Thank you for your interest!