Consultations and Trainings

I offer consultation and training in these areas:

  • Reiki-Seichim Energy healing: Levels 1, 2 , Master, and Master-Teacher levels
  • Plant healing ways – herbal medicine learning, and work with plants as spirits, teachers, co-creators
  • Ancestral healing traditions and wisdom ways and how to apply them to your home life & health
    • Celtic folk traditions
    • Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine
  • Deep nature connection – growing your personal relationship with the beings of nature
  • Applying earth-based wisdom ways to nourish family and community health and wellbeing
  • Inner tracking and soul counsel – for oneself, to help others
  • Music as medicine and sound healing skills
  • Deer Medicine Ways – a healing practice that combines the above strands into a healing pathway that is about nature relationship and our connection to the land, our bodies as ecology, energy healing, sacred herbalism, ancestral practices and wisdom, and the power and beauty of imagination and mythic ground.

… with in person and distance-learning opportunities.

And yes, I do teach the harp too.Find about harp lessons with me here.

Feel free to contact Jane regarding any of these learning opportunities. Thank you for your interest!