Healing Sessions

“I had the healing pleasure of being treated by Jane — her complete presence, use of sound and profound tenderness left me feeling whole, centered and radiant. I would recommend her most wholeheartedly for her remarkable energy healing abilities and intuitive qualities. She is a gem, not to be missed.” ~ JM

When You Find Yourself In Challenge

Forest in Winter - photo art by Jane Valencia

Forest in Winter – photo art by Jane Valencia

When we are in harmony with our lives, we feel aligned with our family and colleagues, and with the larger nature of the world around us. We experience the wonder of the everyday, and the blessing and conversation of that beyond ourselves, the sacred in all. We feel good.

But sometimes life circumstances, illness, traumatic events, unrelenting events, or changes in ourselves serve to throw us out of sync with this certainty and center at our core. We find ourselves struggling against what feels like an uncaring or even hostile current in our day to day experience.

Nothing works smoothly, our relationships clash, a sadness or desperation fills our hearts. We feel stuck and unlovable. Our experience is often described by saints, thinkers, and poets as the “Dark Night of the Soul” but nothing feels poetic about it.

Relief, Replenishment, And Renewed Hope

Magical Eve Prim

Evening Primrose – as luminous as the moon – photo art by Jane valencia

I offer wisdom counsel and beautiful healing artistry to reconnect you with the heart of who you really are.  Enjoy a renewed sense of purpose and the beauty of blessing as you receive such benefits as:


  • pain relief
  • accelerated healing
  • clearing of energetic blocks–where you might be stuck physically, emotionally, spiritually
  • nourishment via healing song and harp, energy healing, and the healing gifts of the plant  (including a relaxing cup of tea!)
  • connecting with your senses to the nature around you and thus to your whole being


  • clarity regarding your next step
  • clear mind
  • practices for reconnecting with clarity


  • the relief of being truly seen and heard
  • calm
  • the expansive, quiet sense of being loved–by those around you, by the natural world, by the Divine
  • tending of grief and loss


  • experience of grace, beauty, wonder, the sweetness of life
  • connection with your Soul’s purpose
  • experience with feeling yourself woven with village, nature, and Spirit, and supported by a loving reality and consciousness
  • a return to experiences of synchronicity–the everyday magic that let’s us know that we are in our personal power and fullness of self.
  • experience of your life as prayer

A Healing Grace
All cultures have traditions of healing by means of laying-on of hands. My practice interweaves Reiki and the healing grace of nature, in particular, that of the plant spirits.

The word Reiki itself refers to “sacred life force energy” – the life spirit woven through all creation.  As a healing arts practice, Reiki is an expression of this universal form of hands-on or hands-over healing. It also travels beyond time and space, and so can be delivered “distance”. It is powerful, beautiful, and completely safe.

As a Reiki Master-Teacher I infuse all my creative and healing offerings with this nourishing, powerful, aligning, and graceful energy.

As a plant ways practitioner I also invite the plants to offer their healing medicine  as your spirit may indicate.

Ancestral wisdom – I draw upon my training with several earth-based traditions to offer reflections and practices you offer support and counsel, and to help you discern and access your healing wisdom.

Sound healing and restful music with harp, drum, rattle, and chant may also thread the harmony and healing of the space and our time together.

Contact Jane for more details or to schedule an in-person or distance healing session.

Stag On A Hill

Within the heart of your nature dwells a realm of deep healing, relaxation, transformation, and grace. Here, your soul speaks truly, spreading before you its treasures of yearnings, dreams, vision, and wisdom.

Within this blessing place, your ancestors may whisper, and the elements and animals of the natural world and of imagination offer teachings and medicine.

Harp music may weave a pathway, perhaps with a Celtic mantra or a melody like birdsong, as you reach for the treasure of your essential nature or for answers to restless questions of the heart.

Music, myth, and song connect the inner and outer worlds, while compassionate life force energy soothes as a healing balm, restoring you to yourself, your one true life, and to the jeweled one-of-a-kind relationship you have to all that is ….

This is the way of the Deer, and the landscape of a healing grace ….

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