Healing Sessions

Energy healing, support from the plants and stones, beautiful music, and earth-based wisdom council to help restore your health and wellbeing.

I help replenish the “four directional body” of yourself (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual natures) so that deep healing can take place. Our bodies — and thinking-emotional minds too — have an amazing capacity for healing, and for discovering new ground. We find that place together and then look to ways you can support yourself and be supported beyond the healing session.

We will be in touch within 24-48 hours (usually within 24 hours) to arrange our session time.

Deer Medicine Healing: In-Person Session

In-person private 1 hour healing session – We meet in my studio, your home, or in a serene place in nature. Sessions include suggestions of plant remedies or practices to assist you in continuing your work beyond the session time.

Deer Medicine Healing : Distance Healing Session

A 1 hour healing session by phone or video conferencing to support you in your healing journey.  My intention here is as described above: to provide you with a powerful and spacious healing field to help you align with what you need most for your health and wellbeing, and to make the best choices for yourself and your circumstance.

Sessions include suggestions of plant remedies or practices to assist you in continuing your work beyond the session time.

Shine! - sunknot art by Jane

Shine! – sunknot art by Jane

Deer Song with Harphealing music to promote expression of your deepest nature

I listen for and record your own personal spirit medicine song to center you into the healing you seek.  A Deer Song is woven of certain qualities and essences to nourish your spirit, provide healing, and offer a ‘shine’ to your soul’s expression. The harp adds a special magic! Each 7-10 minute song is infused with Reiki, plant spirit, prayer and blessing. You will receive two audios: an audio lasting about 15-20 minutes with a welcome and meditation + the Deer Song, followed by suggestions about how you might work with the song, as well as words about the medicine of the song. This first audio is essentially a healing session. The second audio is of the healing music alone.

When you sign up, I will be in touch with you in to discover your intention for your song, as well as to let you know when you will receive the song. Usually I can give you the audios within 3-5 days.

“Jane, that [your medicine song] is absolutely beautiful. I found myself there, your description and the sounds transported me and your magical chanting voice enveloped the hard protective crust of my outer self.

I found myself healing from a place deep inside, a well of tears clogged my throat, physically my body relaxed and a new hope formed within.  Gracious lady. Thank you for your precious gift. Minutes after, my mind is springing with possibilities of the magic gifts I hold to give.

Many graces to you.” ~ CM

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