Deepening Into Deer Medicine

If you’ve followed my blogs, you know that from time to time I write vigorously, then back off, then come back, then grow silent again … In the past it’s been a path of definition and redefinition–deciding what I’m all about right now, what is it that I really want to share? — then backing off because something just isn’t quite in place.   It’s been no different here on this blog.

But now in the darkening season, the time of dreaming, and settling into the roots and stones of nature and our collective nature as humans responding to the turning of the year, I’m just filled with the certainty and surrender that I may as well give into my own nature!

Since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by deer.   I read every piece of fiction I could get my hands on about deer, and every bit of fact too.  I read Bambi by Felix Salten (the book that inspired the Disney movie) literally 50 times.  This book was no cartoon depiction of deer–it was a rich tale by a man who clearly spent a great deal of time in nature, observing wildlife and the ways of animals.  The book Bambi became my bible, my threshold into the Ways of Deer.  But it might as well have been about the Ways of We Humans as creatures of nature, a journey into our own original ways  of being.

These ways  include moving silently through the forest, paying attention to the birds and other animals who are letting you know all the time what is actually happening in the landscape. These ways include knowing about herbs and trees and how they might be food or medicine.  These ways are about listening to your intuition, your gut instinct, and the perils of ignoring the information that is available to you in many forms at any time.

This blog is about deepening into your true nature, about following your “original instructions” — the soul design woven within you, guiding your every step. It’s about deepening your perceptions, your awareness of yourself as interwoven with nature’s magic.  It is about learning and relearning life ways that are close to the earth, that restore our spirits and bodies and fuel our hearts, and help us to connect with one another.  It’s about perceiving the wise village, the ancient teachings, the animal ways, and deep song that moves through our lives, even in our confusing and chaotic modern day world.  It is about helping you discover your unique creative healing magic and offering it in practical down-to-earth ways in your daily life, in your homes, and in your communities.

I invite you to join me in the forest.  And if any of what I write resonates with you, or inspires you in your thinking and path or in anything else, please comment or ask questions.   I’ll point out trails and meanders that are interesting to me, but I’m far more likely to head further into the foliage if I know someone else is interested in adventuring there too.

As always, I encourage you to share your story, your medicine ways. Does a particular animal call to you?  How has it whispered or shouted or dreamed through your life?

Deer Watch - photo by Jane Valencia

One thought on “Deepening Into Deer Medicine

  1. Jane! This is such a beautifully clear, articulate expression of you. Never before have I heard such distillation of all that you dream and do. What a fine inspiration to breathe in and hold as guidance. Thank you so much!

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