The Hidden Hope Of The World ~ blog post by Michael Meade

I always love storyteller and mythologist Michael Meade’s writing and speaking, and I can’t tell you how much his mythic way of viewing current events and our innate ability to respond to life’s challenges with creative imagination  has influenced my own thinking about the nature of the Soul and it’s capacity to fuel change.   So I just have to point you to a post of his that came out today.  It’s called The Hidden Hope Of The World.  If you are unfamiliar with the voice and thinking of Michael Meade, then you are in for a treat!  Feel free to share your responses here!

One thought on “The Hidden Hope Of The World ~ blog post by Michael Meade

  1. My favorite part:
    “The sense of connecting to the underlying spirit of life and the hidden resiliency of the individual human soul is the source of genuine hope. The second level of hope is based in creative imagination that appears when people honestly stay in the tension of opposing ideas long enough that a surprising third way forward appears. The second level and deeper meaning of hope depends upon the deep power of the human soul to imagine and therefore to create, renew and innovate. When all hope is lost and all seems headed for disaster, it is genuine imagination that is missing and needs to be found again.”
    Yes, Yes, and more Yes! It is so hard to stay in the tension of opposing ideas without swaying one way or the other and losing the balance of vision. And finally moving, especially in a surprising third way, can seem grossly wrong-headed. I would pair the power of hope with the necessity of trust in the “deep power of the human soul”. We can do this. We were made for this.

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