Here At The Northeast of the Year

Imbolc, the Celtic spiritual festival that falls at the Lunar New Year, is all about inspiration and renewal, about the seeds quickening, and those stars of new life stirring forth. It’s a numinous passage, very much connected with poetry, the waters of healing, the fire of imagination. This is a time to pay attention to visions and ideas and flashes of intuition. And if you are working on a project, keep it close to you, for it is likely to be in a very new, just a breath-of-being stage.

This is the Northeast time of year, energetically speaking. It’s a time to tune into Mystery, and yourself in the weaving of Mystery. It’s a time to harmonize with the music of the spheres, so to speak — or at least orient yourself to the cosmos, while also planting your feet firmly on the ground, and taking note of what is in your life.

What is in your life right now? Are you happy with your home, heart, work in the world, community exchanges? What are the birds singing in your neighborhood? Are the trees budding? Leafing? Even, possibly, flowering (they are here in the San Francisco Bay Area!).

Tune into the magic and mystery of right now. Listen to the stirrings of your heart, and maybe jot them down in a private notebook. Clean your hearth, if you have a fireplace, or at the very least, your stovetop.

The new fire of the year flickers to life right now. A new star for each of us appears, and we begin to orient ourselves toward it.

What sparks on your horizon, just on the edge of visibility?

What pulls at your heart, tugs you forward into the new life that is this year, this day, this moment? Pay attention. Take note, but don’t try to answer all the questions that may stir forth. Just take note of where you are, and where you are being pulled ….

The year is new and so are you.

Blessings as you point the coracle, the curach, the little boat of yourself, towards that bright point of grace.

Art by Jane

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