Dans Keff

Just had to share this YouTube video by my friend and colleague Celtic guitarist Steve Baughman and his duo partner, Robin Bullock. Steve performed “Dans Keff”, a traditional dance tune from Brittany, as his first piece at a house concert I attended a month or so ago. I loved this tune, and loved Steve’s warm, clean playing style of it. I’ve been working on it myself on the Celtic harp. Very nice!

Steve and Robin have recorded this duet on Steve’s newest CD Life In Prism.

By the way, if you are familiar with “Binwag’s Lullaby” (one of our best loved songs) on Deb Knodel’s and my CD Forest, then you are familiar with Steve’s music already. Steve composed “Binwag’s Lullaby“. Deb was so inspired by the melody that she wrote a beautiful song from it, about a mother bear singing to her cubs during “winter’s endless night”. More on “Binwag’s Lullaby” in a future post.

Here now, is Steve Baughman and Robin Bullock playing their arrangement of “Dans Keff”. Enjoy!

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