What Happens When We Discover That We Belong To Mother Earth?

… Peace results!

… And joy, and an awakening to who we truly are, what we truly love in life. And healthy connection with others, with ourselves, with the birds and animals and plants around us. We discover that we are part of a lively conversation that includes something much larger than ourselves, yet is also profoundly intimate.

As human beings we are designed to experience life and to learn in astonishing ways, and to make beautiful intricate connections (in our thoughts, emotions, spirit) when we pattern to nature. It’s so worth the time and inclination to just sit outside and drink the world in!

Here is a simple way to begin your journey into belonging: Just go to a sweet spot outside. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it shouldn’t be more than a series of steps or no more than a couple of minutes out your front or back door. It should be a place in which you feel comfortable, and which you can pause at any time of day or night, if you chose.

Just go there and sit and be. Open your all your senses, perhaps express some gratitude, but just simply go there and be.

Try it one day (or night).

Then head out there again the next day.

And maybe the next too ….

What happens, what do you notice, or how do you feel as you settle into this one little spot — on your balcony, or in your backyard, or in the little wild area down the block? Wherever you find it?

Your sit spot may whisper to you, or it may just offer you rest and replenishment.

Go there, just once. Then come back here and tell me about it, just a detail or two. Or more if you like. I’d love to hear your tale — about you and this little place ….

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