What The Heck Is A Hero’s Journey Anyway?

Last time I posted about The Hero’s Journey workshop, for which I will be providing music on Aug. 21.  Today I’m posting an article about The Hero’s Journey, written by one of the facilitators of this workshop, and my dear friend, Kara Jones at MotherHenna.com.

Enjoy! ~ Jane

What the heck is a Hero’s Journey anyway?

by Kara Jones

You are your own myth. We often forget that what is happening to us is not us.  We make up stories about what is happening and begin to put on these stories as if they are the very essence of who we are.  But these are all just myths.  If you could just drop the story you are currently telling yourself, who would you be?  If you let go of all the myths that previously defined you, who would you be?

A Hero’s Journey happens when you answer the call of your BEING.  When you are willing to be conscious of the myths you dress up in now.  Willing to take those myths off and try out some new ones.  Take a new stance, walk a new walk, put on the shoes of your Hero self instead of your everyday self.  Willing to revision your world through the eyes of that Hero.

A Hero is willing to assess the life he or she has been living where there is a prescription for being good and a no-no list of things that are bad.   A Hero is willing to consider the possibility of experimenting, being curious about anything that has been previously prescribed, judged, said to be impossible or out of the question.   A Hero knows that he or she is not alone in this experiment.   There are Guides to help, to answer questions, to point the way.   There are Instruments of Power to access, and a Hero knows how to call out his or her Shield when needed.

For a Hero, it is not a failure to hit a road block or encounter a Shadow issue.   Rather, it is a point of interest on the Journey.  The Hero takes the time to get curious, breathe deeply, learn as much as possible about the block or Shadow.   A Hero might slay a Shadow as a dragon would be in a fairy tale. But a Hero is equally as likely to invite a Shadow to tea to ask it questions.   Or dance the tango with Shadow to learn more about how it moves.  A Hero knows he or she will only become more consciously empowered by taking this Journey.   He or she knows that they will return from the Journey with a new perspective, a new power that will enhance their experience with all the sacred spaces of life including Home life,  Self-Care,  partnering with the Beloved, doing one’s heART Work in the world.

Where are you on this Journey?  Would you like to join us for our Hero’s Journey? We’re exploring with creativity, recorded meditations, guided visualizations, and more.   Come take this part of the Journey with us!

Save This Date! Workshop: The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is an amazing experience — both transformative process and great fun adventure! I know firsthand (as a participant as well as having provided live music and witness/space holding for four Hero’s Journeys) how beautiful, rich, and powerful the day can be. Please join us if you can! And feel free to contact me with any questions. ~ Graces, Jane

Shine! - sunknot art by Jane

“This journey is the story of the quest to discover the true self, the treasure that is who you really are, that remains buried deep within the unconscious of the self, waiting to be unearthed.”

The Hero’s Journey
Sunday, August 21, 2011

On beautiful Vashon Island (near Seattle), WA
9 am — 5 pm
with facilitators Sherene ZolnoKara Jones
Music by Jane Valencia

For the first time in the Pacific Northwest, a one-day, public offering of the complete Hero’s Journey.

“Enacting the Hero’s Journey will teach us about an archetype of human transformational change, and the Hero’s Journey you will be experiencing may serve as a healing metaphor you will find use for in your own therapeutic interventions, to work on yourself and with others.”

–Sherene Zolno

We study The Hero’s Journey to learn the archetypal pattern of human experience, change and growth. We engage in The Hero’s Journey to experience our own personal transformation and rite of passage. We will live it now and we will live it for the rest of our lives.

The Hero is the one who overcomes her fear and responds to the Call. S/he sets off on an adventure, discovers guides and newfound powers, confronts her own deeply felt limitations (his or her shadow) and thus opens the way to a new way of being–the reward that comes at the end of the journey.

Our Hero’s Journey will include music, guided process, active imagination, movement, the Hero’s Banquet, a treasure hunt, art expression, and interaction with others in our ‘community’ of journeyers.

You will learn how to become your own advocate.
You will integrate parts of yourself that renew and energize you.
You will release fears and regain spontaneity.
You will understand the choices open to you that were hidden before.
You will save your own heart.
You will bring this home and transform your life!

Held in a warm and inviting retreat setting.  $175 for the full day — this
includes The Hero’s Journey Banquet!  The group size is limited to 20.

Please contact Sherene Zolno, by email at szolno “at” comcast “dot” net or by phone at (206)_463-6374 for further information and to register.

Summertime Sousa

an early bit of art by me

Have I mentioned how much I love being back on the island? While tending to our baby ducks this evening we suddenly heard a Sousa march resounding through the air, followed by applause.  We realized that a concert was taking place in the park, so headed on out to it.

Turns out that the Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band was performing. This group is delightful — in non-matching band uniforms (the uniforms come from many different high schools and colleges), and playing seated — no marching at all.  They even have a sedentary drum majorette who performs (as their website accurately says) “performs stunning feats of seated baton-twirling”.

My husband and I both performed in marching bands in high school (and, in my case, one year in college), so many of the tunes were oh so familiar.  I wanted to grab my clarinet (long gone), or heck, even my oboe (I didn’t march with it, but I do recall playing some Sousa marches on oboe during concert band season).  Of course memories of band camp, all the parades, playing for football games and executing half-time routines all rushed back.  Back in my 20s I’d wanted to get away from all the ‘typical” performance music of my high school and university music  programs (marching band music, pops, classical ….)  But suddenly I realize that high school marching bands are a dwindling expression.  I find myself thinking, gosh, if I lived in Ballard I’d seriously consider playing in the Sedentary Sousa Band!

I found I even wanted to wear one of those love ’em/hate ’em band uniforms (in high school I’d been so proud to wear them, but I hated how hot they got.  And  I hated those spats!).

Anyway,  I find myself mystified and amused by the passage of time … the strange mingling of worlds here on the island, as my past, present, and some shimmering unseen future meet ….

1977 - We got new band uniforms in my Sophomore year of high school... boy was I proud to wear it