Farewell Rate For Harp Lessons

We’ll be moving out of state soon, though don’t know for sure exactly when. If you are a harper who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, this offer is for you!

From now until the time we move, I’m offering harp lessons at a “farewell” rate. Please contact me for details.

You can read about my harp teaching on this website and at my Forest Halls website, but here’s some of what I offer, in a nutshell:

I teach nylon- and wire-strung harp, all levels, all ages, and specialize
in the following topics:

easy ways you can double your repertoire length
Bardic harp and storytelling
healing harp repertoire-building, styles, and techniques
improvisation & composition
getting friendly with the modes
applying Ancient Irish harper ornamentation into your modern-day style

If any of these topics interest you, or if you’d like to focus on another topic of your choice, please get in touch with me. It’s probably best if you contact me sooner rather than later!


Coming This Sunday a.m. ~ Radio Interview on Wheel Of Wonder

I’m honored to be an interview guest on Ray Simpkins’ radio show Wheel Of Wonder. The show itself is from 6 a.m to 9 a.m. PST, and will celebrate Midwinter/Yule.

I will be on the show from 8 a.m-9 a.m. PST on Sunday, Dec. 19.

To listen via streaming audio, click here – KAOS 89.3FM.

I hope you’ll join us. Ray (who is a bard himself) and I intend to have a fun conversation about midwinter, bardic expression in its many forms, medicine animal and plant medicine lore, and follow wherever the magic leads us! You’ll also hear midwinter musical selections from my various recordings.


A Harp In The Garden

So much fun playing for various events these past few weeks. Today I played my harp in a beautiful garden for the San Mateo Arboretum Society Garden tour. The estate where I played featured glorious gardens — a “Paradise Garden” with lovely miniature roses and sculpture and high brick walls giving it a Secret Garden feel, a cozy rose garden, an exuberant vegetable garden, and more. I played in the Shade Garden, with a stately Sequoia tree before me (very inspiring). I love playing in beautiful natural settings — cultivated or wild — and the lovely plants and garden-loving people who toured the gardens were quite a joy to play for.

It was a particular treat to find two young girls dancing to my music — in this case an improvisation on Pachelbel’s Canon. Of course I had to play “Waltz Of The Little Girls”, a Knodel & Valencia piece from The Harpers’ Masque that always seems to encourage young girls to dance. Sure enough, these girls honored me by dancing to it as well! What fun!

I’ve decided to embrace my artist self, and have redone the artwork for my solo Celtic harp and song CD, RoseGarden. Here is the new cover:

RoseGarden CD cover art by Jane

I’ll be updating my website with this new art, plus making mp3s of the album available in the coming weeks. If you own a copy of RoseGarden, and would like the new artwork, please let me know. I’ll be happy to send the new cover to you, and you can stick it right in the jewel case of your CD.

Life is just breathtaking right now! I’ll be resuming my blogging very soon, and will catch you up on the grace and enchantment that is springing alive right now, in each and every day.

I hope beauty and blessing is filling your lives as well!